Under the October sun, we carefully spread out and leave to dehydrate slowly, the perfectly ripe Agiorgitiko grapes. After 3-4 weeks we collect the half-grained grapes and we press them exhaustively until they give even their last drop of must. The process lasts more than six hours, resulting in a small quantity of highly aromatic and concentrated must.

Then, a slow fermentation will begin, which will stop before being completed, leading to the birth of a sweet wine. The young wine ages in French old oak barrels where the oxygen will endow ANATOLIKOS with a more serious and complex personality.

But why we chose the name ANATOLIKOS?  Perhaps because somewhere there to the east, at the foothills of Caucasus, are the roots of all wines. Maybe because for us the taste of the East is sweet and nostalgic. Maybe because we just liked it …

ANATOLIKOS can be aged for more years and evolve in its bottle for many years, towards complexity, as long as we provide the ideal storage conditions. Enjoy it cold but never chilled with chocolate-based desserts. -always cold but never chilled.


It consists of a shallow (70-80cm) clay layer that lies upon the lime mother soil with relatively neutral ph. Low organic content, like most of the limestone soils in Greece. On the slopes of the hills where most of the vineyards are located, the soils drain quite well but are exposed to erosion.


Cold and humid winters with low temperatures that rarely drop below the freezing point. Summers are warm, without excessively high temperatures and with few showers during June. Typically, a long autumn follows the summer. The warm September days with significantly colder nights and the dry conditions synthesize an ideal weather pattern for a good maturation.  The total rain precipitations (600-700mm annually) occur mainly between October and March.


Owned for 40 years in the semi-mountainous commune KOUTSI in NEMEA, at an altitude of 450-550 m with an intense slope # 15% & N-S.W direction. This vineyard is pruned very strictly in order to reduce its high fertile buds.


The winery was built in 1997 at the heart of the private vineyard in Koutsi, Nemea at an altitude of 550m. Our winery in Koutsi is a contemporary industrial building with magnificent views of the plains of Nemea and the valley of Asopos River, around 350m below. Its capacity is 3,060 hectoliters while its production equipment and the high quality control systems offer to the oenologist every state-of-the-art instrument for a vertical production of high quality wines.