OPTIMUS means ideal; We believe that this is the most suitable name for a wine created after a long and extensive research on the ideal version of Agiorgitiko. A version of Agiorgitiko that stands out in terms of conception, design, cultivation and winemaking process.

It all started back in 2004 with the clonal selection, a lengthy procedure which was completed in 2012, when our dear friend and agriculturist, Mr Bakassietas entrusted us with the precious Agiorgitiko clone of 001VNB which was planted in 2014.
After 7 years of anticipation, in 2021, the moment of vindication had finally arrived along with the certainty that the clone of Agiorgitiko was what we were originally looking for –the optimum result.

Optimus is a single vineyard wine of impressive aromatic profile and exceptionally velvety texture made mostly of the clone of Agiorgitiko with the addition of a small percentage of Vertzami grapes. Vertzami,is a nearly forgotten variety of West Peloponnese which is also cultivated in our Koutsi vineyard and boosts the wine with tannins and spices.

This blend is aged for almost 18 months in new French oak casks. The wine does not ask for anything else rather than the opportunity to age for as long as a decade in order to highlight even more the beauty of this creation following the geometric progression as reflected on the labels.

The AGIORGITIKO series is completed with the creation of AGIORGITIKO by GAIA. Rich and structured, it is balanced between fruit and the oak wood.

Characterized by ripe fruity notes and balanced oak flavors our AGIORGITIKO by GAIA can be aged for 4-6 years to acquire a more complex flavor and evolve a velvety wine.

We recommend pairing it with red meat dishes that are rich, intense and spicy, at a temperature between 16ο – 18οC.