Some of the grapes are sun dried in the strong Santorini summer sun while some others are shade dried to maintain relative fruit freshness.

After about ten days in the sun, and since the grapes have been sufficiently dehydrated from the sun,  they are exhaustively pressed for many hours until they give us the last drop of their highly concentrated and aromatic must. We estimate that until this stage, the yield does not exceed 80-100lt of must for each acre of vineyard!

Then, the must is placed in old oak barrels where very slowly, the alcoholic fermentation begins. This fermentation, under the influence of many sugars and the alcohol produced, will stop by itself, leading to the birth of a naturally sweet wine.

Then time is slowing down…

Our VINSANTO will continue to age in these same casks that have fermented for at least 10 years, acquiring through the sequence of seasons both the deep honey color that characterizes it and its complex aromatic character.

And at the right time, VINSANTO will simply be bottled without any treatment or filtration.

Complex and intense aromas, where the caramelized fruits like raisins, apricots and figs predominate. Sweet and very complex taste with impressive length. Notes of coffee, bergamot and again dried fig are the most distinct. It is also important to emphasize that although it is a very sweet wine, it manages to balance with a good acidity that continues to provide it with nerve and intensity.

Enjoy this rare wine at 6-8oC with a beautiful dark chocolate dessert or cellar it for future enjoyment for many, many years.


A soil with a big porosity formed by volcanic activity and extremely poor in nutrients being mainly composed of pumice .The lack of organic matter on the soil results in a self-sufficient vineyard with no infection by phylloxera .The absence of water is typical but the available humidity is retained and fed to the plants through the porous soil.


A typical Mediterranean climate. Mild winters with lower temperatures followed by warm, windy and dry summers. The rainfall intensity, the occurrence of heat waves in June until the beginning of July, the night humidity in July and August determine the quality and quantity of the vintages.


This self-rooted vineyard of Assytiko, 70-80 years old, is a yield with a particularly low yield per hectare (3000 kg). Poor in organic matter and never been infected by phylloxera. All these elements in combination with one of the noblest white grape varieties in the Mediterranean, the indigenous Assyrtiko, create rare, precious and unique wines.


Our winery is situated on a beach, on the east side of the island, between Kamari and Monolithos settlements. This industrial stone building used to be a tomato factory, built at the beginning of the 1900s.

Today, the high-tech equipment and the cutting edge facilities of our winery guarantee contemporary winemaking and ideal conditions for high quality production of ASSIRTIKO.

At the same time, in a discrete out-of-the-way vault, we have set up a small oxidization area where we are delighted to produce our rare, sweet, aromatic Assyrtiko vinegar.