The production of this rare vinegar is directly related to production of THALASSITIS.

In our effort to improve THALASSITIS as much as possible, we devised the hybrid method of acidification, combining the traditional French recipe in Orleans with the one of the Aceto Balsamico in Italy.

Thus, the Asyrtiko’s must which is not considered qualitative enough for THALASSITIS is divided into two equal parts, following different paths for four years until they meet again.

One part first becomes a dry wine which then is oxidized in 500lt oak casks, according to Orleans tradition. The resulting vinegar ages in old oak barrels of 225lt for 4 years. The second part of the must is simmered over a low flame in copper cauldrons and reduced till it is thick, aromatic and a quarter of its initial volume.  The second part of the must is simmered over a low flame in copper cauldrons and reduced till it is thick, aromatic and a quarter of its initial volume. After 4 years the two parts are blended and result this unique, sweet, complex and very aromatic vinegar which matures for 1 year in old 500lt oak barrels.

This unique, sweet AGED ASSYRTIKO VINEGAR with a complex aromatic profile is bottled in elegant 250ml bottles without further procedures or filtering. Each crop only yields only 5,000 bottles! Enjoy it in frugal quantities.


A soil with a big porosity formed by volcanic activity and extremely poor in nutrients being mainly composed of pumice .The lack of organic matter on the soil results in a self-sufficient vineyard with no infection by phylloxera .The absence of water is typical but the available humidity is retained and fed to the plants through the porous soil.


A typical Mediterranean climate. Mild winters with lower temperatures followed by warm, windy and dry summers. The rainfall intensity, the occurrence of heat waves in June until the beginning of July, the night humidity in July and August determine the quality and quantity of the vintages.


This self-rooted vineyard of Assytiko, 70-80 years old, is a yield with a particularly low yield per hectare (3000 kg). Poor in organic matter and never been infected by phylloxera. All these elements in combination with one of the noblest white grape varieties in the Mediterranean, the indigenous Assyrtiko, create rare, precious and unique wines.


Our winery is situated on a beach, on the east side of the island, between Kamari and Monolithos settlements. This industrial stone building used to be a tomato factory, built in the beginning of the 1900s.

Today, the high-tech equipment and the cutting edge facilities of our winery guarantee contemporary winemaking and ideal conditions for high quality production of ASSIRTIKO.

At the same time, in a discrete out-of-the-way vault, we have set up a small oxidization area where we are delighted to produce our rare, sweet, aromatic Assyrtiko vinegar.